Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Zoom/Scroll Not Smooth

I really doubt it.

Cubase is a great program but on Mac although it has improved somewhat still not as snappy as other programs…
I still hope for further improvement!


It’s not like it’s niche. Magic Mouse is probably the most common mouse among users on Mac. Not having decent core mouse interaction in a piece of software as mature, and expensive, as Cubase is a little puzzling.


Been asking for this for years. I use both trackpad and Logitech Mx mouse. Scrolling and zooming is the biggest pain in Cubase.
I’m constantly zooming in on a zone to edit it and then get a frame of reference by looking at all my tracks. Don’t ever scroll or it’ll flip out. Memzap was meant to help but I don’t use it because I thought it was just not what I wanted.


Hello all,

Im a Nuendo 10.3 user. I recently switched back over to the Kensington Expert Mouse. The Kensington Works software v2.1.19 allows you to customize to applications. There is a setting called scroller speed and this will at least slow the scrolling and zooming down substantially. Not totally smooth but so much better.
Hope that helps,

Has anyone checked Cubase 11? Is there any improvement?