Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Zoom/Scroll Not Smooth

I just got a Magic Mouse 2 for my mobile rig. Zooming in/out, left/right into Cubase using the MM2 is done in steps and not smooth. On the other hand, in Ableton, the zooming is very smooth–just like other Mac apps and the OS.

Is there a preference or setting I’m missing, or is this something to do with old Cubase code?

For some reason, even after all these updates, Cubase still is not as smooth as Ableton/Logic or even Adobe Audition.

The other day I discovered, totally by accident, that when Cubase is not the application “on top” (i.e. when there is a window, say Safari, on top of Cubase) the scrolling in Cubase (which I did accidentally, instead of scrolling in Safari) is super smooth.

It’s frustrating…

This is so disappointing.



  • 100 000 000 000 000 000 !!! Steinberg, fix it! Please!!!


Needs to happen in both Mac and Windows.



Steinberg, FIX IT !!!



  • 1000

+1. I’m always messing up panning while scrolling left/right on the mix console.




Steinberg, how do you treat your customers? Why?!

Dude, I don’t know if I can take this every single day. If they were going to implement it for C11, it’d already be done by now. Give it a rest.