Apple Metal Acceleration

“ Apple Metal Acceleration
Enjoy maximum Mac performance.”

Are we about to move into an era where Cubase is no longer a jerky GUI mess?
is this the first Cubase with acceleration?


The GUI is very nice and fluent here on my side.

Seems to be a lot better. But still for example fabfilter L2 get under-runs on graphics. And timestamps in MCU i still bound the graphics updates.

Saw a video by Greg Ondo and some of the pop-up windows have been refreshed on mac too haven’t they? Like the studio setup and audio connections. Hope that applies to Windows too, as the audio connections window i can’t read the tabs when highlighted as it’s white on light grey for me.


These changes are cross-platform.

Yeah, we cannot change how plug-ins are rendering. If FabFilter starts using Metal this should be no issue any longer. The MCU stuff I don’t understand, can you describe this in more detail?

It’s quite easy to reproduce. Put the system on some silly load. 32 sample and 192khz etc. Do play back and it will start to underrun. ANd then watch the time display on your MCU. On 10.5 you can get this low update frame rate without audio drop-outs. I not seen that on 11 (after a very few hours of usage). It happen when your GPU does not meet it’s dead line.

A other way to see this is to use KVM switch. (not the real fancy one that emulate the display)
When switching to the mac it misses a lot of “time” while audio engine works fine. Im not saying that is important use case, but it is a way do “see” happen.

If you don’t have 3rd party plug-in windows open, you should get 60 FPS now in most cases until you push the system to its knees.

so just to confirm 3rd party VSTs will cause GUI latency and stock plugins will be most efficient because they’re all (or most) guaranteed to use Metal?

Not all 3rd party plug-ins will cause this, but our internal ones will definitely not cause GPU stalls, if this is what you wanted to know.

Yes it is thank you :slight_smile: