Apple Pencil 1st vs 2nd Generation with Dorico

Is there any advantage for Dorico users in using a 2nd Generation pencil? I’m coming to love using Dorico on my iPad Mini 5th gen. and am thinking of getting an Apple Pencil, but would this be a bad investment.? The alternative is to wait to upgrade my iPad, but funds are tight at the moment.

I see on this page that your iPad model appears to support only the 1st generation pencil.

That’s right Mark, sorry I probably put the question badly. I guess I’m wondering if there are any advantages to getting an Apple Pencil at present - I’ve got an inexpensive Chinese copy of the gen 1.

My dream would be to use my Galaxy Tab S7 with the wonderful S Pen but I realise that this is unlikelt to be possible for the forseeable future

According to the review on Scoring Notes, the annotation features are pretty rudimentary. So, the 2nd gen is unlikely to have any benefit.

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Thanks Craig, that’s helpful - I’d not seen the review.

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