Apple Pencil and Dorico Pro

Can Apple Pencil be used for note input in Dorico Pro? I dont seem to be able to use my Apple Pencil for note input on Dorico For iPad. Is Dorico planning in the near future to introduce handwriting mode for note input in Dorico for iPad?

No, you can only use the Apple Pencil in the same way that you would use a finger.

Developing a handwriting recognition mode that is a) accurate and b) faster than just pressing a button, is extremely difficult.

If you really want to try that mode of input, you could try using StaffPad for input, and then import XML to Dorico for the better engraving/layout functions.

Thanks benwiggy, and yes benwiggy I have tried handwriting mode in another app, I do agree that the handwriting recognition was not accurate in the app I tried on. But I do have confidence in the Dorico team, and thus believe that the handwriting mode, if implement by Dorico, would certainly be a satisfactory one.

Ravindran, I’ve asked about this in the past. Daniel says that the team will probably add more abilities to the pencil in the future, but there is no commitment to make the pencil a note-input device. This is what keeps me from using Dorico on the iPad.


I fully agree MikeInBoston, implementing a good handwriting with stylus pencils/ Apple Pencil feature for input & editing will certainly enhance the Dorico experience on iPad.