Apple Silicon Native - tracking VSTs

Cubase PC user who just ordered a new Mac Studio. I’ve been following Apple Silicon native announcements from many plugin makers and watching the various lists that public forums have been releasing… but the problem is that when a plugin shows up in these “databases” as Apple Silicon-native, I’m unsure if that means they just have AS-native AUs or if they’ve released an Apple Silicon VST3 build.

Do we have our own list of all of the Apple Silicon native VST3 plugins out there? Very interested in upgrading to a fully AS-native C12 Pro… but I lived through the 32-to-64-bit transition period and I know these changeovers take time…

It would have been very good to have that. But there is so many, but one thing to make it easer is to have a report function within the VST3-SDK that have various test could report what have been successfully tested to a central database.

Are you saying there are many Apple Silicon native 3rd party VST plugins? If so, that’s exciting.

Anyone? Are there any Apple Silicon native 3rd party VSTs? Or is the Apple Silicon support in Cubase 12 just a science project right now?

u-he, TAL, GForce OB-E, Audiothing, Blue Cat Audio, FabFilter, Spectrasonics, …
For your (and other plugins) contact the vendors :wink:

Man we really need a database that differentiates as I don’t think “ask your developer” is scalable. There’s but it doesn’t have a filter that differentiates AU Apple Silicon support from VST3. It’s a massive list. But it’s sort of meaningless to Cubase users unless all plugin makers made both AU and VST3 versions of their plugins AS native at the same time.

Additionally, the fact that companies have released AS support already for AU makes tracking this really challenging. Of the few you listed, I only own Spectrasonics plugins, and their website isn’t clear at all that there’s an AS native VST3. When I scroll back through the version history, the only mention of AS support is here (same for Stylus RMX and Trillian (I don’t yet on Keyscape.):

Omnisphere 2 Software 2.7.0f

  • Adds native support for Apple Silicon M1 Macs
  • Adds VST3 plugin version

That was last June. It doesn’t explicitly say what variants (AU, VST) are AS native and I assumed that was AU only. Were plug-in makers really making AS native VSTs last June? What hosts could use them? (Ableton maybe?)

Good question. But FYI every Apple-Silicon support update I’ve seen has always included the VST version as well as the AU.

Feel free to setup this database and promote it :wink:
I’ve stripped down my inventory so this makes it easier for me to look in the managers or on the websites, this is a ten minute job per week (or month).

Steinberg have provided the tools in form of the VST-SDK and a application that can run VST3 for verification. This is done so the plugin vendors can be ready before cubase. At least Softube and PluginAlliance seems to have hold back their apple silicon until steinberg released cubase. (Very much against the hole idea to have some sort of industry standard for plugins.) Most of the vendors that I use seems to be working on it, except Behringer/TC-electronics and Korg. Fabfilter was as usually best i class. Native Instruments and IK multimedia have some progress. If tracking something it is not worth tracking the ones that are ready, we should track the ones that are not working.

Are you saying that every plugin maker that has implemented Apple Silicon support has released an Apple Silicon VST3 version simultaneously? I had no idea this was true.

If a vst version had already existed, yes. There may be some exceptions, but I have yet to see any in my collection. So far every apple silicon update I’ve seen has included both au and vst.

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I also ordered a new Mac Studio. I did find this website about software compatibility.

Kontakt 6 is M1 native, but ALL OTHER Native Instruments plugins (including kontakt effects) are NOT native.

This is what I told you when you asked for this feature: With precious few exceptions (like, one), every single native release of a plugin that already had a VST3 version now has a native VST3. If they had a VST2 before, then they have a native VST2 now (with more than a few exceptions), but of course that fact is useless for Cubase users.

Also, to be clear: If you can’t find specific information on a developer’s website regarding which plugin types are native, then how do you expect me to be able to do so? You see the same information I see. I don’t have secret access to dev info.

So #1 thank you I did not realize all developers that built apple silicon native AU plugins also made apple silicon VSTs. I guess I assumed they wouldn’t do so until Steinberg released a native host, which was a year behind Logic. But I guess I am wrong.

…. #2 you write this as if I’m specifically asking YOU to make this list for me. Why do you think I’m asking you specifically for this? (The ask was general, to the universe… not to any one person specifically.). If what you say is true and there’s no point because every single plugin that’s apple silicon native in AU is also apple silicon native VST as well, then this needn’t exist.

You can use Blue Cat’s Patchwork plugin and still use VST2 or AU plugins in M1 Native C12. But the VST2 or AU plug-in must be M1 native as well or it will fail.

So there is no rush to get VST3s for M1 native. You can download a demo from the Blue Cat website.

I’ve built a couple of projects and I have been using M1 native UAD plugins in C12 native and they have worked fine. Nearly all UAD have been native for a while (they just have not told anyone because two of the plugins are not native so their console is not native either, but unofficially UAD is native. UAD have told ppl on the UAD forum just not made it official on their website until Console is native as well) but they are all VST2 and I have them working in C12 native via patchwork.

Looks like Korg Collection 3 is VST3 and Silicon compatible now, anyone tried it?

(Also a sale is on)


Tnx. I had missed that. Will update now. They had some other VST that seems not to part of the collection.

If you already have a KORG license you don’t need to buy a upgrade to get access to apple silicon version.