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Hi everyone,
yesterday apple presented the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Will this be supported by future updates of dorico? Could be great feature…

Agreed but it’s not supported on PC.

Daniel stated they are focusing on providing the same functionality for both platforms.

However I think it’s a terrific idea!!! :laughing:

I didn’t see anything that can’t be done better on my Surface Pro. Was there anything I missed?


As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, there could be some interesting uses for the new MacBook Touch Bar.

It’s certainly something we’ll investigate - however, given we use the Qt framework for our cross-platform development, it might not be a shoo-in.

Keep in mind that the Touch Bar will only be available on the latest, top-end, MacBook Pros. All other Macs will not have the Touch Bar, including the new, lesser models of MacBook Pro and MacBook.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Apple plans to add Touch Bar to its entire MacBook line eventually, and that they are already designing a keyboard with a built-in Touch Bar for their other Macs. Otherwise, software manufacturers are not likely to invest the engineering effort and time (and expense) to add Touch Bar features to their applications. All of that is speculation on my part, and everyone knows that Apple does not discuss their future plans.


I just ordered a new MacBook Pro, which comes with four USB-C ports only (and a headphone jack).

  1. Will Steinberg’s eLicenser allow me to run Dorico on that new MacBook Pro when the eLicenser is connected to a suitable USB-C to USB-A adapter?

  2. Considering that there are not that many ports available (one must be reserved for the charger), will the eLicenser work if it is connected to a USB hub?

  3. (Curiosity) Will Steinberg produce a USB-C version of its eLicenser?

Couple comments:

  1. The ports on the new MacBook Pros are Thunderbolt 3 ports, not USB-C ports. I also would like to see Steinberg make a new key that fits these ports.
  2. Some hubs do work with Steinberg keys if they are powered hubs, however, realize that sometimes the keys lose their connection, and need to be pulled and reinserted to make them work. So if you use a hub, make sure it is easy to reach and see the LED on the key or you’ll be forever cussing at it because you need to get up and reach around the back of your monitor or system to reinsert the key. Also realize that if you have problems with the key in the hub, then the first response you’ll get from support is to ask if you plugged the port into a hub or directly into a port on the computer. So be prepared for that if you use a hub.

Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C have the same physical connector, so USB-C devices also work on the new MacBook Pro.

Yes, but not every USB-C to USB-A adapter will work unless they assumed that they were designing for Thunderbolt 3 compatibility. So just be careful which adapter you buy. And if Steinberg makes a USB-C version of the key it needs to design for Thunderbolt 3 compatibility not just USB-C compatibility.

Given the price tag of the new release (and the fact that you probably can’t use your other USB devices without adaptors anyway) I don’t expect this will be very high priority for any USB device manufacturer

Seems like Apple’s response to Microsoft expanding its interest in new hardware is to try to market “a new PC” the same way as “a new iPhone or iWatch” - hey, look at the new toys you get, and stuff whether you can still use your old toys with it. My instinct says that strategy won’t work, in the scenario where the global trend in PC sales has been downwards for the past 5 years and Apple only have about 7% of the market share - Lenovo, HP and Dell each sell more than twice as many per year as Apple.

I fear Apple has lost it’s way without Steve. They seem to be following others and playing it safe, instead of trying to make something “insanely great.” The iWatch is an epic fail as far as I can tell; it’s a product looking for a market and meaning. Not that it couldn’t be incredible but…it isn’t.

And adding a “magic touch bar” to only the higher end models, and expecting software developers to make it a high priority is also not so smart. Sigh. Thing is, it’s scary to really push the envelope and take big risks, which is exactly what made Apple great under Steve.

It’s also exactly what the Steinberg team are doing with Dorico, taking huge risks but having a superior vision that other notation programs don’t have. It’s damn exciting!

It lost its way the first time he left as well. Except the second time was more permanent.

But the same was true about H-P without H and P, Cray Research without Seymour Cray (and before that CDC without Seymour Cray!), Sibelius without some guy whose name I can’t remember :unamused:, etc, etc …

What’s the best way to bet that Tesla will get onto the same list one day soon?

Everything you said, right on! Sad, really. When a legend is gone so is their vision.

I just wonder if it would be possible to find another visionary icon to replace Steve and take the company back to its roots in changing the free world. Should be able to do that by lunch tomorrow, no?

Have just played around with touch bar on the new logic pro x - it’s superb. Contextually changes functionality depending on what screen or mode you are in - mixer - piano - scrolling through screen - zooming - and can all be customised - superb workflow addition - this on cubase would be incredible.

Do you have experience now with the Touch Bar? I have a new MBP and looking around if it is possible to add macro’s to the TouchBar and can control some settings in Dorico .

You can add the function of the Touch Bar using this piece of software :
After downloading start the application. In OSX - Midi you have to set IAC on; in the app choose MIDI in and out to one of the busses.
Open Dorico and go to the Preferences - Key Commands. Choose for ‘learn’ on a specific command and choose the button on the Touch Control (play, stop, rewind, etc etc). It works very nice!

It’s super easy to make your own shortcut on the Touch Bar with
I attached an example
Enjoy :smiley: