Apple Wired Keyboard & Rubber C 7.5 Shortcut cover...


I’ve just bought an Apple Wired Keyboard (typing is a joy on them) and using it with my Windows 7 PC. I would like to buy a keyboard cover with all the shortcut keys for Cubase 7.5 and am wondering if someone can put me on to a company that sells this type of thing. I’m not interested in a sticker pack as the cover protects the keyboard from accidental spills whereas the sticker packs do not. I’ve seen a rubber cover (for the Apple Wired Keyboard) for Logic but haven’t a clue who made it!

Thanks for your time


I’ve been looking for such a cover for MacBook *Airs since 2011. No luck. Best option now, to my knowledge, is LogicKeyboard’s keyboard:

Editkeys but they don’t make a Cubase one

Yeah, thanks for your replies. I have been in touch with Editors keys and they said they are not sure they will ever make one. I just find this annoying. They sell dedicated keyboards but you still need to buy a clear cover to go over it and this costs much more than just buying a silicone cover (especially after just buying a new Apple Keyboard).

Never mind, things could be worse.

The keyboards are worth the money in my book as they are very good quality but as they are a dedicated use obviously wouldn’t want to use one on another Daw :wink:

What do you folks think–about a poll, which medium should I/we use? Let’s get this MacBook skin made!

Editors Keys recently did a Kickstarter for a fully back lit keyboard. They look amazing. I will just get the Cubase Backlit Keyboard once it’s released. Much better than using a rubber cover. Thanks though.

I’ve been fully aware of Cubase shortcut keyboards since their inception (LogicKeyboard’s, EditorsKeys’, etc.) but Iprimarily use Cubase/my DAW in a MacBook setting. So my posting is–I hope it was clear- directed solely to MacBook users–including readers who have yet to even visit this thread. If I were using an iMac (or had more deskspace/room), I would’ve already purchased one of the custom keyboards that are on the market. One’s better is what one favors.

Fair enough but the dedicated Editors Keys keyboards aren’t the same as the backlit keyboards. They haven’t been released yet. I e-mailed Editors Keys asking if it would be possible to buy rubber covers with shortcut keys on them to go over one backlit keyboard. They said it’s not going to be possible and someone will have to buy a keyboard for each app they use. Shame but hey, once I buy a Cubase backlit keyboard I shall be happy.

Interesting setup to say the least, you have any links? … I’m not too keen on EditorsKeys offerings–their color schemes are a bit too bright for me. I prefer LogicKeyboard’s more pastel-like choices. But, yeah, MacBook cover, that’s what I want. Someone else suggested I should just connect one of these keyboards to my MacBook, but I’m already short on desk space, I live a bit of a transient lifestyle, and so am a wannabe-minimalist.

Gene, from KB Covers, got back to me. Said, “hopefully have it finished by end of the year.”


Thank you Phil. I have, however, decided to order the new Backlit Cubase Keyboard from Editors Keys that have just been released.

Thanks again