Apple's iPadPro 12.9 (2017) has latency problems

On my new iPadPro 12.9 (2017, 512Gb) I ran into recording problems straight away, when recording into the actual Cubasis version. As soon as I begin recording on a midi track, latency builds up fast, with irregular latency length, which makes recording completely impossible.

At first I thought this was a Steinberg midi bug, because in other recording apps like Garage Band and Auria Pro I did not face such probelms when beginning to record. But further testing showed that latencies do occur there as well with the new iPad after recording some minutes.

After contacting Apple support I did what they always recommend first, to be sure to rule out possible software problem sources: I did a complete factory reset - very time consuming with 80Gb to save and then build up from scratch instead of just restoring! Having to do this really sucks, and nothing changed.

I also contacted Korg, because at first I had to check my Microkey air as one of the possible problem sources. They rechecked and confirmed that the problem exists with the new iPadPro 12.9 generation - but not just using their controller keyboard, but with any other keyboard from other brands they had for testing as well. This confirms it’s clearly an Apple problem.

Researchig the internet in places like the Audiobus forum confirms this state of things: other users of the new iPadPro 12.9 are facing the same problems. Meanwhile I have asked Apple support for clarification and a fix of the problem and hope to hear from them soon. As it is now, the expensive new iPad, mainly bought for music making, is just completely useless for that purpose.

And, by the way, it’s not the only glitch I met on it: it also shows casual short screen freezes - not too often, but still completely unacceptable on such a device.

I’m curious to know if any of you has the new device as well and faces the same problem(s). I want to know that to estimate the chances of getting a working device by having it sent back to Apple to exchange it against a well working one. All feedback from other users apprecited!

Ouch… I was about to buy an iPad and get cubasis - thanks for heads up.
So do you know if all 2017 iPads have the same issue… and do apple say it’s fixable? Cheers. Think i’ll play it safe and get a 10.5".

As I wrote, I have made an Apple support case of it and now have to wait for answers.

I’m here to investigate exactly your question: if only a part of the new generation iPadPros 12.9 is concerned, or if it’s a general problem with that device. So I would like to know if other owners of the new big iPadPro are here, and if they can verify the issue.


Sorry My Bad English. Yes i have the IPad Pro 2017 10.5 and i have a big latenzy Problem too. I have it in Cubasis and in Garage Band. I Hope the New iOS 11 will fix it. I have not Apple ask. Please if you have a fix or a answer from Apple post it here. Thank you and Greetings

Der Alte

Thanks for sharing the topic, jimknopf.

@ all
If you experience problems with the hardware as well, please make sure to report the problem to Apple, so they are aware of the issue.


So far the only reaction I got from Apple was questioning back concerning the hardware connection I used with midi. I told them the details, and that I will allow them a maximum of 2 weeks (10 days from now) to clarify matters for my new iPadPro. Then I will send it in for repair, and if that won’t help, give it back and ask for a complete refund. This dysfunctional new iPad has stolen too much of my time already.

My estimation of Apple’s quality control for new devices has been higher before this incindent, than it is now. And with each day passing without clarification, my estimation of their ability to solve severe problems they cause for customers, will get lower and lower as well.


Sorry my Bad English. There is a fix, or a workaround for the latency Problem. It Works for me. Simply Start cubasis or GarageBand and Plug the headphone Plug out wait 10 Seconds and Plug it in again. Now the latency is gone.

Thank you

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Thanks, I had already tried the phones out workaround provided by someone in the audiobus forums.

But on my new iPad this only helps for a short while: latency is building up again after each unplugging. But I surely can’t and won’t record by unplugging and plugging headphones again and again.

I saw some latency a few days ago using iWavestation in Cubasis but I simply powered the iPad Pro 12.9 down and rebooted and I am not seeing any latency whatsoever. I am using my Yamaha CP-5 Digital Stage Piano with Yamaha’s wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter to play the iWavestation and other instruments within Cubasis. I noticed there is a setting in Cubasis to lower the latency and some soft synths have settings to compensate for latency as well…you have probably tried all these as well.

I hope you are able to figure this out. I can imagine you must be very frustrated. I hope for the best for you.

Let me know if there is anything else I might be able to do by way of helping you to test out any other possibilities.

Hi all,

Apple has released the iOS 11 GM version a few days ago.
Also, the official iOS 11 release is announced to take place on next Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017.

I’d suggest to give all issues a re-test on the new iOS.
If things remain to fail, please file a bug report to Apple to let them know about the issues.


After installing iOS 11, I have been playing and recording for about half an hour without any latency issues!
I’m really glad to see it working, and for the first time being able to enjoy my new iPad while recording in Cubasis.
Hoping it stays like that, for now the latency issues seem gone with the new iOS.

Still having issues with some Interapp Audio app routings, but that’s another story…

Just a counterpoint,I still have this issue on a 10.5 WiFi iPad Pro.ios 11 didn’t fix the issue for me or others on the Audiobus forums

Hi Isbeen,

Please make sure to let Apple know about the issue to make them aware of it.