Application loses focus after Loudness Quick Analysis

N10.3 works great!
We use Quick Analysis on the Loudness track a lot. Since 10.3 Nuendo loses focus in Windows after each Quick Analysis. Not a major problem, but somewhat annoying. Is there a setting for this behaviour?

Also after importing and exporting audio, video, OMF and AAF the application loses focus.

I’ve found a workaround: Make sure no other application is running in the background. In our situation the RME mixer window needed to be closed.
Nevertheless it is annoying. So it seems we’re the only one with this behaviour?

No, it is a problem here too! After “strip silence” it also looses focus…

Anyone else sees that?

Your workaround is the same overhere… quite odd…

Same here!

Same here. Very annoying.

For example, if you have a NUENDO 10.3 project running and the Word, Notepad, or something else window is open, then after the DETECT SILENCE command, you will get the window of these text editors active. And further keystrokes will result in printing characters in the windows of these programs, rather than executing further commands in NUENDO 10.3. If there are no programs running in parallel besides NUENDO 10.3, then the focus from NUENDO 10.3 goes to the DESKTOP. This PROBLEM was born in the latest version of NUENDO 10.3. in Windows 10 and in Windows 7-the same.

Example video for clarity:

Actually, Nuendo loses its focus after many things here. Not a big problem but annoying indeed.

But no, it is big!
Watch the video at the link! If the actor’s video is not in FULL SCREEN mode (sometimes it is necessary), then imagine what he sees on the screen! (I tend to clean the recorded replicas in parallel during recording)) I’m not talking about my monitors… ))

Yes…happens all the time. Even when creating instrument tracks…or instantiating plugins. This started with 10.3 .

Oh my! Didn’t see the video. It really could frighten the talent! So yes, in this case it’s actually big problem(

Happens to me even just opening closing mix console sometimes…