Application 'Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip VST 3' has caused the following error

Nice to meet you.
I am a Korean who loves music. I joined this place and write because there was no one around to do music.
It’s a translation, so please look at it with understanding.

I recently upgraded to ‘Cubase 10 Pro’ while writing an AI version.
The e-license is placed in the dongle key and the e-license is verified as normal in the control center.
A few days ago, I had to format it because of a computer error, and I reinstalled all the programs.
And then there’s that kind of error.
[Application ‘Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip VST 3’ has been caused the following error]

No matter how many times I try the e-License again, no matter how many times I try ‘Cubase10pro update,’ that error keeps popping up.
You can run ‘Cubase10 pro’ and create a project.
However, REV-X Hall, Plate, Room does not work when the FX Effect Track is created.
[‘REV-X VST 3’ has been caused the following error:
With an error called eLicenser(s) no valid license for this application.

It’s worse than using AI, which is a much lower version. It’s as frustrating and annoying as upgrading a pro at a high price.

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Same issue, bump!

Same problem here even with the latest 10.5.20 version.

Thank you


I just bought an UR242 and install Cubase 10.5.12 … got the same problem. Any ideas ?


Yeah I’m having the same issue, my license is activated but there is no branch for the vst plugins anywhere just trashcan and cubase. It probably doesn’t help that the license software is so outdated.

Same issue for me.

Same Here, With all the software installed and activated on a newly installed Mac. Same issue on my Windows 10 PC. Upgraded to Cubase Elements 11 and now this error.

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I was having this issue when changing computers, and it was because the licenses for my ‘Basic FX Suite’ were saved on the soft e-licenser of my old machine - basically on the hard drive of the old machine. I moved them onto my USB elicenser and then plugged the USB elicenser into my new machine, and this solved the problem. So it seems you need ‘Basic FX Suite’ showing up in your active licenses on the machine you are using, in license manager, in order to have these plugins working correctly and not giving the error.

i have the same problem… Please help me…

This looks like a case of reactivation:

You could also submit a ticket down the bottom of the page: