Apply changes only to selected bars

I often need to make local changes to specific bars. For example different Note Spacing Change or Time- or Key- Signature. I find that I have always to do every step twice:

-select bar or items when the change should occur,
-apply the desired change (and Dorico will apply the changes mentioned above, till the end of the flow! :frowning:
-select the point where I want the change to be undone to restore the previous properties
-apply or reset the change to the previous state.

(I know that is possible to copy and paste for example Note Spacing Change signpost, but since they are all called “Note Spacing Change” I don’t know witch one is set to a specific value or witch one is set to “reset”, so clicking on it to see the properties is time consuming…)

It would be very nice if Dorico could apply the changes ONLY on the selected bars and automatically restore the change in the bar after the previous selection. (And so for example “reset” the Note Spacing Change" or apply the Time Signature or whatever was present in the bars before the change.)

Maybe I missed something?
Thank you for any advice


You did not miss anything :wink:

I agree that in general these would be useful things for us to add in future. The forthcoming update will add a couple of steps in that direction, but not a completely general solution.