Apply changes to all selected channel faders

I am stumped…I want to apply eg +1db to all selected channels, which do not already have automation events as part of a larger PLE chain

I can get selected tracks without volume automation to be targets…but how do you actually get to the faders of those tracks.
Trim is only for events and I want a lot of faders to stay that way whereas others already have automation


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I’m sorry, this is not possibel. You could increase the Volume of all Audio Events, if the track is selected.

Thats disappointing…i think its a reasonable request. i generally aim for -18 for gain staging but thats mainly to suit vintage plugs. these days, 64 bit fp engine, gain staging is simply hype to the extent peeps fiddle
i have seen Andrew Schoeps do the same thing ie recalibrate the channel faders all down but i was hoping, with all the PLE power, that this would end up showcasing the power of cubase…mistaken I guess

Audio Events = Clip gain…Once they are set per channel, im not sure its a wise thing to touch them



You can add VCA to the selected chanels and change the value.

Or you can easily just select the channels, Quick-Link them and adjust the faders.

no vcas for this application as its resetting track faders…its just for fader creep

Quick link is handy/workaround i was using but not the ple elegance i was sure it was capable of