Apply different project template to existing score

Hi is it possible to apply a different project template to an existing Dorico score? For example, I have created a number of alternative templates for lead sheets. Can one easily apply and swap between these project templates? Thanks

You can import/export Page Template Sets but not an individual template. If you want an alternate look to a Layout, it’s best to create a new PT Set with its own First and Default pages and apply that to the Layout rather than apply individual page templates to specific pages.

If you just have n different Page Template for a specific page in the Layout, you’ll have to export/import the whole set. If you put it in a new set, you could after importing the Set, import (import here means copy the Page Template from another Set) the Page Template from the new set to your existing set.

Hi. Sorry I’m talking about Project Templates rather than Page Templates. Thanks.

Actually, I realise what I’m really thinking about is an applying different combinations of music fonts, notation options, engraving options. Is that done through the library manager?

Sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, the Library Manager is the way to go.

You could also try exporting the Library. The file is an XML text file, you may be able to edit that down to certain things you want to import into another Project via the Library Manager.

Thanks Craig

  1. Create a new document from your Project Template.
  2. Import the flows of the other document.