Apply Fixed PreGap To Album tracks

Hey everyone!

I have an album scenario. I have created CD Track markers for all tracks. But right now I would like to add to ALL tracks a pre gap of 500ms. Is it possible to do so while keeping the markers still at the same spot? Just nudging the clip 500ms more?

Hope anyone can help me out on this.

Another way to think about it is to keep the clips in the same spot, but just offset the markers by moving them backwards in time by X amount. There are many ways to do the same thing in WaveLab but I think this is the most logical way to do it:

  1. Arrange the clips just as you want on the timeline including spacing between songs, fades, trimming etc.

  2. Use the CD Wizard to create markers for each clip/song. Note my specific settings in the attachment.

  3. Use the “Move Multiple Markers” option to offset the markers from the start of each clip so there is a nice amount of buffer before the start of the album track and the first note/downbeat.

You just want to be careful when moving the markers to be sure the first marker is at 0:00 (in my opinion) and that you use the right settings in the “Move Multiple Markers” box to make sure the final marker doesn’t move to an undesirable location.


Thanks Justin!!

While waiting for a reply, I ended up with manually adding pregap for every clip while also attaching the markers to a clip edge and locking it in place. Yes, I know, many extra steps, but in the end the result was as I wanted it.
Too bad I didn’t find the multiple markers tab earlier.

Thanks for this helpful tip!

No problem. There might be a way to move the clips without the markers moving but if there is, I’m not aware of it.

I like the way I mentioned because with the CD Wizard, the markers are automatically bound to each clip for any potential future movement of the clips.

I’m hoping that in WaveLab 12, we have the option to automatically offset the markers by X amount from the start of each clip so we don’t have to do it in an extra step via “Move Multiple Markers”. Putting that right in the CD Wizard makes sense to me.