Apply Glissandi for notes in multiple staves

I would say that there is improvement needed, because cannot apply glissandi to all selected notes in multiple staves. It is applied only to first staff of selected. So you need to apply to all others one by one.

It’s a half of the problem, because it isn’t that hard to apply to two or three staves. But the same inconvenience appears when needed to change between glissandi types (straight <=> wavy).

You don’t need to re-input glissando lines to change their appearance between straight/wiggly, you can select multiple glissando lines and use the Properties panel to change their style simultaneously.

This is generally true of most notations: once they’ve been input, you can change various aspects of their appearance and position using Properties for individually selected instances, or Engraving Options to change the project defaults.

(And yes, the team is aware that the ability to input notations on multiple staves simultaneously is desired. You can already do this with a number of notations using the caret, extending it across staves, and inputting notations using their popover, but glissando lines can’t be input with the caret active.)

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Nice! Thank you for the explanation!

Since Properties panel can be lowered, it’s not in front of the eyes, so it is hard to remember how much it can give :slight_smile: