Apply Reverb to Portion of Track

I want to apply reverb to only a small portion of a track, but the inserts menu automatically applies reverb to the entire track. How can I do this without needing to create a new track?

well, you can´t. Not like in studio one or reaper, where you can put inserts on separate events within a track.

I would probably do an offline processing of the part, or send to a reverb and automate the send

Or just automate the bypass on your insert.

Not at my computer at the moment but it CAN be done.
Can’t let us know your set up and which version of Cubase you are using?
I will post the solution in about an hour.


This is how I do it:

Select range selection tool and highlight the section you want to add reverb to.
Go to Audio>Plug ins>reverb and select the reverb or any other plug in you want to use
At the bottom of the reverb ( or whatever effect you choose) GUI you will see some extra buttons or tabs which are:
More - Preview - Process - Cancel
By “preview”-ing you can hear the results of the parameters you’ve set for the particular section you have highlighted.
Once you are happy with the sound click “Process” at the bottom of the effect GUI

Job done,


Jim B

Put the verb on a send normally & automate the send level.

I’m using Cubase Elements 9

So I’m not finding the plugin option under audio. Perhaps you have a different version of Cubase? I’ve attached a screenshot of what I have
Screenshot (69).png

Looks like you have Cubase elements, so I guess you don’t have the option I outlined, sorry about that.
That’s why it’s a good idea to show your system spec in your signature.
Looks like it will be the sends and automation route then.

Good luck,

Jim N the

Another method…

1.Duplicate the track. the duplicated track keep only that portion on which you want reverb. Delete this same portion from the original track.
3.insert reverb on duplicated track.