Apply swing with Quantize not working as expected / strange behaviour?

Cubase Pro 11
Windows 10

I am trying to apply swing using cubases quantize panel which should be easy.

Is what I am describing below just a quirk of Cubase or am I doing something wrong?

I am applying swing to a drum part (midi) and what I am about to describe happens no matter what soft synth is attached to the midi. In my case I am using both NI Battery and EZDrummer 3.
In this example I have a simple 4/4 Snare, Kick & closed high hat.

I double click on the midi part to open it in piano roll and in the Inspector Panel I set the Grid Type to 1/16

Then I click the e button in the editor/piano roll to open the Quantize Panel.
I then adjust the “Swing” setting to my chosen percentage (62%), click the Quantize button and the midi notes should visibly move in the editor but nothing happens.

If I then click on the |<< Reset Quantise button (bottom left) the midi for the High Hats only move to a swing quantise but the Kick and the snare remain locked to the beat (the normal grid).

I am at a loss as to what is going on.?

Why only the high hats move, and then only do so when I hit the reset button is bonkers.