apply time-stretching permanently in Pool

Hi all

I’m using Cubase 5.5 32-bit and make use of the musical mode in the Pool, so that audio files sync to the project tempo.

However I find having 15 or so tracks all set to musical mode can make the project sluggish if you’re scrubbing around a lot…it really makes the workflow annoying as there’s quite a delay before things re-sync.

So any idea how I apply the tempo changes off-line, to free up CPU and disc cache?



Export audio mixdown and import to a track in Linear Mode would be one way.

Hey…thanks for that. Sadly that won’t work as I have the Pool files referenced in lots of little parts, and need to move those parts around still. Basically I want to apply the timestretch permanently to the underlying audio file that the parts are referencing, but otherwise leave everything unchanged.

Any ideas guys?


Look up Convert To Real Copy.