In my new project I’m trying to apply something like a “cut off” to the all the mix to the beguining of the song… something similar to this…

In old versions of Cubese I remember that I got to have in the project a track of the master output, then apply it to the all the project!

Please, some ideas or something to get this effect?

Thank you very much!

I think what you’re saying is you want to filter the entire track at the beginning. If that were the case with the example you gave, you could put that filter on an insert on the master track and automate it.

However, in the example you cite, everything is filtered except the vocals, so putting a filter on the master will apply the filter to the vocals as well. You probably don’t want that.

The solution for getting the sound in the example is to send every track except vocals through a group track (by setting the outputs, not the sends), then put the filter as an insert on the group and automate that.

Hi Fizbin!

it’s right! I had not realized that the vocals have not the filter!!! Good idea what you tell me!


Anyway, I’m certain saying that the filter in the beguining of this song is a cut off, isn’t it?

It sounds like a high-pass to me or maybe a wide band pass up high.

Actually, now that I listen again, the filter comes off at the same time the vocals enter, so it might work on the master.

Then, if it’s on the master, how can I automate the master?

How can I get the effects you tell?


Open the mixer. You’ll find the master channel there (probably called “stereo out”).

As soon as you click the “w” button on it, it will show up in the project view.