Applying arpeggiation ornament to all chords in selection

Maybe I’m just doing something wrong, but when I select a series of chords and press the arpeggiation ornament, it only applies it to the first chord in the selection and not all of them. Kind of a problem if I have many many bars of arpeggiated chords.

You’re not doing anything wrong; ornaments only apply to the first note/chord in the selection. It’s pretty quick to Alt-click a selected arpeggio line to a chord at a time, but I often find it to work the other way round - if I know that a bunch of chords (following the same rhythmic pattern) are arpeggiated, I repeat the first bar however many times and then overtype (overplay?) the pitches with L.

You’re right, ornaments are applied one at a time (for now). This is when a Streamdeck or equivalent is useful.
Ninja’d by Leo again ^^


Alt-click… yet another shortcut of which I was unaware. Is there a table of these things somewhere so I can print myself a reference card?

There is–or used to be–a Dorico reference card in PDF. Not sure whether it has been kept up -to-date for 3.5.10.