Applying changes to one layout to all layouts

UPDATE: In order to ‘reset to saved defaults’ I have to first make the change in one layout, apply, then select save as default then I can select multiple parts and reset to saved defaults and they change. Apparently you have to apply settings then save as default. Perhaps save as default should be greyed out if something has been changed but not applied? It does seem to apply to new scores.
Original message
I’ve imported an XML orchestra piece. I changed the full score layout options to show bar numbers every 8 bars. I saved that as a default. How do I apply that change to all the parts? I know I can select all part layouts and go into layout options and make the change there (independent of what I did in the full score layout options). But, if I’ve made say dozens of changes to the score and want to apply all those changes to all the other layouts, how do I do it? Is saving as default in one layout and reset to saved in the others the best practice? I tried selecting all the parts and doing “reset to saved defaults” in the layout options but nothing changed. I’m only 4 days into using Dorico and other than getting use to different terminology and a perhaps too complex program, I’m doing just fine. (Although it took a while to figure out template editing). Apparently making multiple layout changes to one layout and then applying it to multiple layouts is not possible. If it is I’d also like any new document I create or xml import to use those changed settings. I don’t want to have to manually change each layout to accomplish the look I’m after in every project I start.Thanks.

You can also use propagate part formatting to copy all the layout options set in one layout to other layouts.

I don’t know how I missed the propagate part formatting. That’s exactly what I was after. Thank you very much.