Applying condensing rules for selected measures?

Hi all, how should I create a score like below (Schoenberg Op. 16, IV). In particular, I want to recreate the “div. pizz.” in the cello section. Condensing divisi would seem to work, but the problem is I only want this condensing divisi rule to apply at this measure. In other areas of the piece, I do not want the divisi cellos to condense. This commonly happens in orchestral music: to condense divisi in some measures, and not in others. Thanks for your advice.

Just use 2 voices and add the div. as text.

That doesn’t work if they want the part to be two staves here, but not the score. In that case, I would use manual condensing overrides to prevent it from condensing outside of this one spot.

ah! I didn’t know about manual condensing available in engrave mode. So I basically just make a manual condensing change for that one spot, then do a “reset” right after it is finished? Thanks

Yeah, you probably need to first enable condensing for divisi globally, then add a manual condensing reset to the very beginning of the score set for “no condensing” for the celli, then at that spot you want do a “reset”, then after that, have another manual condensing override for “no condensing”.

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