applying edited variaudio data to other tracks

lets say you record at one time eight tracks with different microphones for the same singer.
and you want to edit them exactly the same way with variaudio

the first thing I thought was to make a midi track control the midi input option in variaudio, but this function only works when you actually press the keyboard. routing the midi track to the keyboard didn’t do the job.
maybe I can workaround this somehow?
maybe a different approach?

I would also be interested in knowing how to apply the same vari-audio edits to multiple tracks when recording instruments with more then one mic.

To be precise the question is how to edit the same variaudio edits for more than two microphones
(Because in the case of only two microphones its easy, you record as stereo, edit and split channels)

Does 5.1 help?

Duplicate post, sorry.

alexis, what all this has to do with applying same variaudio edit to more than two tracks?

Trikolad - just wondering if a single VariAudio edit could be applied to multiple inputs simultaneously if they were routed to a surround bus (“edit, and split channels”, as described for stereo in the post above)?

Now were getting somewhere!! yes you can alexis. just checked it. good idea!

But I still want to find a way to apply an already created variaudio edit to other tracks. it has to be possible.
It doesn’t make sense that only if I press the keyboard it applies the edit. There must be a way to send the midi
track to variaudio making it think that it is the keyboard.

Alright, so I’m hijacking this very old thread…

A: Couldn’t you (or someone in the same situation as you, since it’s probably not relevant to you anymore) extract the edited VariAudio information as MIDI and input that to the second track?

B: When you use VariAudio on a stereo or surround track - can you be certain it remains phase coherent? Haven’t noticed any phase issues so far, but I don’t want to take it for granted.