Applying Melodyne to audio clips...

I haven’t had to use Melodyne in a long time, but last time I worked on final vocal tracks for an album, I was using it with Sonar. It had a feature where audio clips could have their own VST inserts, and they behaved just like the ones that go on the whole track. So I’d have two lanes, duplicate a chunk of vocals, tune them and bounce in place, keeping the original muted on the second lane with the Melodyne insert still intact. It made it possible to keep everything straight without having a million tracks, and I could go back and further edit the original clip if I had to. Is it possible to do this in Cubase 8.5? I’m only seeing the option to apply and bounce VSTs instantly, which doesn’t even work with Melodyne as I have to play it back to transfer first. I don’t really want to use separate tracks to do it, since I already have a bunch of overlapping vocal tracks and it’s annoying organization-wise.


You can use Render In Place. Does it work to you?

I don’t think it’s an option, since I have to play back the track for Melodyne to “transfer,” and I can’t do that while a plugin window is open on a clip. Plus I want to be able to edit the plugin settings later.

Not quite sure what thou are trying to achieve her, but Melodyne is “non destructive” and can be applied to a whole or parts of a track (clips), thus you can keep Melodyne on the original track without destroying the original recording. You can delete the Melodyne readings if you don’t want them or you can bounce tracks or clips as you like. If you need to go back to the original track that you have already “melodyned”, you need to delete the readings in melodyne for that part or clip, but the original track is “under there” all the time. No need for any double tracks at all (unless you want to make a choir out of 1 voice recording). However Melodyne is CPU heavy so it is recommended to bounce when finished.