Applying new boxed Layout Names

I really like the new boxed Layout/Instrument names at the Top Left corner of the parts.
But I’ve got an old score here that I’m trying to apply them too, and it doesn’t work. The problem is that the {@LayoutName@} Text Box runs across the whole width of the frame. If I contract it to the size of “Oboe” then it’s too small for “Tenor Trombone”, and if I make it wide enough for the latter, then it’s too small for the former.
Is there a simple way to introduce the new boxed Layout Names? Or is there a way to make the their text box stretchy so it fits all sizes of names?

The dynamic box around layout names that now appears in Dorico 4.3, updating to the length of the layout name, is an attribute of the paragraph style rather than the text frame.

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Thank you, Lillie.