Applying Plugin to Range/Process Range


I couldn’t find this in the manual, and couldn’t find it online.

There’s one click on a piece of audio to remove. I highlighted the range. How do I apply the Sonnox Declicker/Denoiser to just that 2 second range of audio? I’m on a PC with Windows 10.

Thanks for any help.

The plugin you wish to use must be inserted into the global master section and you must have the file opened as an audio file in the Audio File Editor and not the montage.

Then you must set the correct settings in the master section and render options so that you can destructively process the section you wish.

I wish there was a faster/easier solution as you have with Pro Tools AudioSuite or editing in RX5 Standalone app but unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Playlists would make this work even better so you can easily get back to the original state if needed.

Maybe this can change for a future version of WaveLab :smiley:

As Justin said.

You can also do it non-destructively in the montage by making a segment of the 2 second piece you want to process. With the cursor placed at your left point, press the S key. That will make a splice in the clip. Do the same 2 seconds later. Then right-click that new 2 second segment and add the Sonnox plugin to it as a clip effect to process just that segment. You can crossfade into and out of the segment if you want by adjusting the clip segment edges.

Yes, this is also true but I didn’t mention it because usually the noise reduction plugins use a lot of CPU and are not very good at running live in the montage which is why the destructive way is usually best. Also, the nature of Pro Tools AudioSuite and playlists make the best of both worlds where processing just a small section writes a new file for just that section (+2 second handles), keep the original file in tact, and then lets you non-destructively change the edit point, start over fresh, or try a few different ideas/options.

Good points. I often use the Wavelab “clone and substitute” function on just the segment I’ve created in the montage to destructively manually declick or spectral edit the small segment file that’s created rather than the whole file. Clone and Substitute creates just a small segment file if you only have the segment selected when calling the function. If you extend the edges out before cloning you can pull them back in and still have handles for crossfade or whatever.

This is one feature that I admit I’ve seen but never tried…maybe the naming didn’t catch my attention but I will try it soon.

It puts the new clone audio files in a folder called “data” (by default anyway) in the same directory as the montage file I think. It names them starting with the original name and then increments by number. It’s a very handy function.