Applying process gain with crossfade

Hey everyone,

This one is driving me nuts. I’ve just upgraded from an old version of Cubase to 10.5 and there is one very convenient feature in the new version I just can’t find:

When applying gain to a marked up selection of an audio track during “direct offline processing”, there is no option for me to set “pre-crossfade” and “post-crossfade”. In my old beloved Cubase, there was an option to select how many milliseconds of crossfade I’d like, making it possible to apply gain (or other processes/tools) very smoothly. See the attached image for what the option I’m talking about.

What am I missing? Is there another way to do this these days!?

X to crossfade of course, Audio then Direct Offline Processing then Process TAB the select GAIN.

Im not seeing a pre-crossfade gain nor post crossfade gain though. Things have been MOVED and CHANGED so much so there is that as well. Im not saying it isn’t possible. Someone else should chime in. Im not finding it in the manual either here

Apparently the feature is gone, judging from other posts I’ve read.
Pre-crossfade and post-crossfade was a very quick and intuitive feature.