Applying updates

I purchased Dorico in the boxed disk version and sadly havent yet been able to set it up.

Does each update have to be applied–ie, the first update, then the second, etc–til my version of Dorico is current, at which time only the next current update will be applied?


should just the latest update–in this case, the second-be applied?

Thanks so much and apologies if this has been covered already–I searched but couldnt find the answer.

Happy Holidays to all:)

You can jump straight from 1.0.0 to 1.0.20

In fact if you haven’t yet installed Dorico from your DVDs, when you do so, you will be offered the choice to simply install the latest version right off the bat: even if you bought the DVDs on day 1, if you install them today, you can only install Dorico 1.0.20, or whatever is the latest version available at the time of installation.