Applyng a .mid file or MIDI data to the Quant. setup

There is a way to do this…you have a .mid file or MIDI data, and you want to store the data as a Quantize setup preset…I have done this before, but cant remember how.

Ideas? Thanks!

Set Hitpoints to also be Quantize Points in Prefs and then detect the hitpoints. When you’re happy, save as a Groove Template.

Yes, but I think Jeff’s actual query was about a MIDI source rather than an audio one :wink:
Select the MIDI Part, then MIDI menu>Advanced Quantize>“Part to Groove”.
It appears immediately in the Quantize dropdown, where you can either apply it directly, or open “Setup”, and adjust variable quantities of Position, Velocity and Length.

Wow, I’ll wait until I wake up before posting next time. :laughing:

Nah… I could 'ave done with an extra half hour myself this morning! :wink:

Ok - that’s it, thanks!

But it doesn’t seem to be working. I see the preset, but when I select it and Quant, nada happens. :frowning:

I’m afraid I can only give one of those “well, it’s working here” answers. :confused:
Is this in the Project window (and you have selected the Part that is to be quantized), or already from within a MIDI Editor? If you open “Quantize Setup”, for that groove preset, are the sliders as you would want them?

Duh me. It works now; must have done something wrong before. :open_mouth: