Playback of a single unslashed grace note, taking half the written duration of the rhythmic note that follows, and stealing time from that following rhythmic note, will be added in a future update.

I’m sure you’re there already… If the following note is dotted, then the appoggiatura should take 2/3 of the value.

Will it be possible to have unslashed groups of grace notes on the beat, rather than before?
I know this won’t cover every situation, but it would give a way of specifying on/before that would be correct for most things.

If you are making requests, it might help the development team (and help your request get implemented) if you started your Subject Line with the header [REQUEST] as others are doing.

You don’t need to annotate your thread titles with “[REQUEST]” or indeed anything else. We’ll read them anyway.

I know, but it makes it easier for the rest of us too. :smiley: