Appropriate glyphs and text style for creating a compound metronome mark

So, I’m importing a Sibelius score, and one of the movements of the piece has the following metronome mark: Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 2.56.14 PM

I understand that this is only possible to create with a text object in Dorico—and to be fair it doesn’t look too great in Sibelius, so I assume it’s something that will eventually have native support and look much better, sometime around Dorico 5 or 6 probably—so I’m copying the glyphs from here. Two questions therefore: 1) What is the correct glyph to represent a tie (rather than a laissez vibrer indication)? and 2) What is the correct text size (for both the music text and the metronome mark) to be consistent with other metronome marks in other sections?

You probably want to use Metrico for this: please search the forum for some previous mentions of Metrico, and if you’re having problems once you’ve got the font installed and have explored it a bit further, please let us know.

I have downloaded it, but can’t find a tie glyph in Metrico either, or documentation of what symbols are available in the font.

metronome mark.dorico (534.9 KB)

You can copy it from this file.

Thanks. How did you enter the ties?

I used PopChar to enter the symbols.

Perhaps @fratveno can help here?