ARA 2 - with izotope RX

just a request to consider in upcoming update/ version of Nuendo

as nuendo is more toward (audio postproduction for films, etc) most of us using RX

ok, we can use rx connect or even edit track by track but it will be really great feature if we see RX work like spectralayers (using ARA 2 integeration)

Put it in the feature request section.

Not sure it’s all on Steinberg to make it happen though.

That is a feature request for the Izotope boys …


Too much problems with ARA2 in Nuendo

has anyone even heard about something of a new RX version?

^^ sure, but I think this kind of features need collaboration between two platforms so the feature works flawlessly and be supported from both sides.

That’s not how it works.
Somebody (in the case of ARA, Celemony) specifies a new standard.
Then it is up to the host (DAW) and the plugin manufacturers to make it work according to the set specification.
Just like VST2, VST3, ASIO are created by Steinberg, it is up to both parties to make it work.
In the case of ARA, there still are a few loose strings that Steinberg needs to take care of.



looks like iZotope did implement some support of ARA 2 in RX 8, but just for Logic at the moment. There is no mention of specific plans to support other DAWs such as Nuendo. They posted this on Facebook as well.


If IiZotope coded their stuff correctly, then they will work in ANY DAW that supports ARA2.


Not supporting Nuendo is a bad idea with the traction this DAW is getting in the industry.