ARA edited audio events become louder...

When editing audio events with Melodyne via extensions=>Melodyne they get slightly louder than the originals were; approximately 1,5 dB louder.
Even if I only change one of the notes in the event all of them get louder. It doesn’t matter what kind of editing I do, the volume changes even if I only correct the pitch ever so slightly.

And since I can’t change the volume of an ARA edited event in the Project window (nothing happens when changing the value with the event handle or in the info line; also the fade in/out handles don’t work) it’s a real nuisance.

There is a workaround; I can select all notes when inside the Melodyne editor and lower the volume by 1,5 dB before leaving the editor, but it would of course be far better if the ARA connection was correctly implemented.

I have the same issue with Melodyne 5 and cubase 11 pro

Wow, it took only 1,5 yrs for another reaction! I’ll adjust my sanity accordingly.

But, what do the ARA experts say about this? Is this a Melodyne problem, an ARA problem or a Cubendo problem?