ARA from celemony; a feature request!

That’s an excellent idea, and right on target! I’ve long been a strong advocate of the American Rifle Association and encourage others to implement ARA into their lives! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Oh … I’d also like to see Cubase play nice with Melodyne. They are BOTH brilliant products and it would be fantastic to see them fully integrated with each other. :slight_smile:

they’ll have to pry vari-audio from our cold dead fingers!
p.s. i attempted to change the title of my topic to a feature request in order to make clear that it was not a bitching thread but the title didn’t update…

I’m sorry. I misread that sentance.

Yes it would. It would open a door for many different kinds of 3rd party audio editors.

I have no idea what the deal behind the curtains from Celemony is but if it’s just something any company can grab a copy of ARA and run (after paying if required) it’s probably a big mistake to not … do that?

and apologies from me if my original topic title seemed to argumentative. ed

shifted to music lounge! but we’re still alive…