ARA Support for WaveLab Elements 12.0.0

I have upgraded to WaveLab Elements 12.0.0 and was looking forward to ARA support as statet in the Online Help as follows:
“The WaveLab Elements ARA extension, which can be integrated into various DAWs that support the ARA interface and VST 3 and grants you access to the WaveLab Elements audio editing features without having to leave the external application.”

I cannot find WaveLab Elements when I use Cubase Pro 13. Basically ARA is working in Cubase Pro 13 because I have Melodyne as well as Sepctra Layers 10 available.
Can someone help me - what’s wrong with WaveLab Elements 12.0.0 ?!

Thank you for your help!

Sorry, this is a manual mistake. There is no ARA version of WaveLab Elements.

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Thank you for your quick reply.