ARA & tempo detection

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now since Steinberg implementation of ARA is quite basic at the moment. Hopefully, the full ARA capabilities will be available in the near future :wink:


I’m not so sure you found the right answer here. You could go another way.

Import the drum tracks into Cubase. Add a Cubase tempo track to the track. Then open Melodyne and transfer the track into Melodyne. At this point, hoping you can find or remembered to set a storage folder for the Melodyne results, you can open the Melodyne Standalone and play and edit your tracks there (remember to assign your audio path).

And of course, if you saved your project, the Melodyne app will still be open in Cubase to edit there if you prefer. Just remember that the Melodyne APP that is open in Cubase has NO AUDIO itself, instead you will simply play the original track BENEATH the Melodyne app window, all the while adjusting the blobs in the Melodyne app window to taste. Yep, I agree, it is a convoluted process right now but I do find Melodyne interesting. The ARA process at the Essential level is fairly worthless IMO. Where things get real interesting is with Melodyne Studio.