Ara2 coming to wavelab?

any plans for ARA2 to be coming to WL12?
im beginning to see quite a sharp uptick in AI / Digital voices & cloned voices, which require me to use Melodyne ALOT to fix small issues when going through

of course I can use Melodyne as an external editor which is a little painful, or use an ARA2 DAW to do everything then bounce in to master in WL if not,
but we wouldn’t have to change too much workflow if its coming in a future version so just wanted to ask :slight_smile:

WaveLab ARA as a plugin has more priority than WaveLab as an ARA host.


I would really like to see wavelab with ARA2 integration. But Wavelab ARA2 as a plugin also sounds great :slight_smile:

“WaveLab ARA as a plugin…”

could be timely, as Acon Digital have just released a new v7.5 of Acoustica Audio Suite, that includes an ARA2 capable plugin component - and nice to see them running a demo of this on their site, inside Cubase too… :wink: Looks very swish indeed…

Bound to be something the like of which we (especially Cubase users) can look forward to from upcoming WL12… :smiley:

Just saying…

I confirm this will come… working on it at this moment :wink: