ARA2 + Direct Offline Processing - mutually exclusive?

Doing some DX editing. Looking to use two mic tracks w/ Auto Align Post 2. But also use Direct Offline Processing for iZotope and some other treatments. The two of them don’t seem to like each other.

If you use AAP2 first, DOP refuses to load any plugin. You have to undo AAP2 first. In the opposite direction, if you apply DOP first, and then use AAP2, it seems to pick up the unprocessed audio.

Probably has something to do with the behind the scenes management of the audio data. I guess the work around is a render in place after AAP2 and then process that version.

Any insights?

PS: This is on Nuendo 12, Win10
PS2: Also seem to have encountered a bug. After applying AAP2 I extended one of the tracks a bit. In AAP2 it said ‘invalidated by edits’ which is fine. I then tried to fix it by removing AAP2, splitting the event and redoing it. But it would never let me select the event again. It showed the icon that it an extension was attached, but it didn’t show up in the extension. Some data didn’t get cleared. Once I restarted Nuendo it worked again. Presumably some data structure issue that gets cleared with a restart.