ARA2 Extension clip gain-problems

Hi! I’m having issues with Extensions on Nuendo version 11.0.30 Build 419. So far I have used Melodyne and Vocalign Project in my session. When I apply either one to a clip and continue to edit the clip (create crossfade for example), clip’s gain changes dramatically: either it boosts up, or turns down so much, that I have to re-adjust the clip’s gain. When i’m done and I edit other clips in the same audio-track, it affects the gain of the clip where I have the extension.

This clearly is a bug. Currently workaround for it is to do render in place and replace the original clip, but I really love the non-destructive work-flow Nuendo has, so it is a bummer I have to do that…

Anyone else had similar experiences?

I’m running a PC and Windows 10 64bit, with RME Digiface USB.



Yes, Clip gain is applied twice on ARA Clips when you crossfade…
I wrote about it in Cubase Forum here:

ARA2 Bug, clip gain calculated twice when using crossfade

Martin mentioned it as reported.
No fix yet.


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Thank you for replying!

Ok, really good to know it’s reported. Here’s one hoping they would issue a fix for it in version 11…


Well, first of all you should try the update to 11.0.40. They already fixed some ARA issues.


Well, no fix yet, it is still present in Nuendo 11.0.40.