[ARA2]I want ARA to be "always on top"

I’m Japanese.
Please forgive my poor English.

OS:Windows10 64bit Home 21H1(OS Build 19043,1237)
CPU:AMD Ryzen3700X
DAW:Cubase Pro 11.0.40、Nuendo 11.0.40

I adjust the pitch while watching midi.
The ARA2 version of Melodyne does not support “Always at Top”.
This is very inconvenient compared to the plug-in version of Melodyne.
This is because you need to move back and forth between windows.
I would like you to support “Always at Top” as well as the plug-in version.

I don’t really like editing in “Bottom Zone”.

ARA2 is great.
Thank you.


I was just going to ask for this (if I understand you correctly). If I use the arrow in the upper right of my ARA instance, it opens in a separate window. But if I then start the transport (even with the space bar, not clicking anywhere in a Cubase window), the plugin window goes behind and I have to use the Window menu to re-show it. That’s not a good workflow.

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I have the same thoughts as you.
I would like the same behavior as the Melodyne Plugin version.
Melodyne Plugin can always be displayed in the foreground.