Arcade 2.0 Output no preview in Cubase, but fine standalone

Hi all,

I can press the preview button in Arcade 2.0 Output in the standalone version and it works just fine, but the plugin version on Cubase 10.5 does not play the preview.

I’ve tried routing audio through the control room as well as through the output tab in Audio Connections. I am able to achieve exactly what I am hoping to in both audio routes, except Arcade Output’s preview does not work.

Any help or insights are greatly welcomed and appreciated, thank you!



This is VSTi, right?

Is the Buffer Size high enough?

Hi Martin,

This is a VST plugin. What is a VST vs VSTi? I have a Yamaha MOXF8, which has a VSTi plugin that can be used as a standalone and a plug-in. Arcade can do both as well. Perhaps this means arcade is a VSTi?

At any rate, I am unable to change the buffer size of the Arcade plug-in in Cubase. However the standalone version of Arcade does allow me to change the sample rate.

I changed the sample rate in Cubase (Studio >> Studio Setup >> VST Audio System >> Control Panel → 768, 1536), and it did not change anything. I changed it back to what it was before - 1024.



VST is an Effect, VSTi is an Instrument.

You can’t do this, you should change the Buffer Size of your Audio Device.

Sample Rate is something different.

Then you changed the Buffer Size… Could you try the highest value available, please?

Can you see any indicators of incoming MIDI data in the plug-in? Can you see the meters on the track in Cubase?