Arcade, Nuendo, Monterey, and M1

Anybody here successfully running Arcade in Mac OS Monterey? On an M1 Mac? I opened up a song I was working on with my old MacBook Pro but Arcade is not loading samples, cannot find it’s library, won’t play new loops, etc. I’m in a bit of a jam because I didn’t print the loops from Arcade as I usually do on this particular song. Any workarounds?

Rosetta, maybe?

That worked a little but I still couldn’t stream any audio loops, just play note instruments.

Do you have the latest version? I just installed Arcade a few days ago for the first time on my Mac Studio (after using it only on my Intel machine) and it seem to be working fine. I’m only using the “Hooked” plugin though and haven’t touched the other loop libraries yet. The Hooked stuff loads and plays back fine.


I believe I have the latest version. The folks at Output wrote to me and said Arcade does not work in Monterey or on M1 Macs. I cancelled my subscription and switched to Noiis, which has a great library and costs the same.

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I just installed the new version that Output says is Mac M1 and Monterey compatible. It’s half working. The note instruments can be played but I still can’t download or listen to any of the sample libraries. I resubscribed but they should only charge me half the monthly fee. Hahaha. Sigh…