Archiving Projects, deleting unused files on multiple projects. How do you do it?

Hey there, wanted to know how you manage your older projects?
Usually after I finished recording/mixing/mastering my clients songs, I put the projects on a dedicated network storage. Now these projects could be much smaller, because there are lots of unused files in it.

Is there a way to delete unused files of multiple projects, without opening each one and doing it manually?


You can backup all projects and then delete the sources.

Hey @Martin.Jirsak , thanks for the answer.
Is there a tool to create backups from cubase projects automatically without opening them one by one?

Perhaps a cmd command, something like this?

cubase12 -backup -deleteunusedfiles "C:\project1"


File > Back up Project

Sorry, don’t want to be rude here, but did you read what I wrote?

Having had the problem of “too much media that I’m not that interested in keeping” in the past, I’ve come to the solution that works for me:

  1. Be OK with deleting things I really don’t care about
  2. Buy more hard disks for the things I might someday care about again

And, once I got a little deeper into 2), basically 1) never happens. Storage is cheap these days. Either buy enough storage to last you for a long time yourself (ideally with redundancy, so a single drive death doesn’t take you down,) or stick it on a long-term archival service like Backblaze B2 or Amazon Glacier, and chalk up the cost beside “cost of ice cream on warm days.”

If the solution that works for me for that problem, just won’t work for you, then I recommend finding a good keyboard macro recorder software, and binding the commands you need to run to some particular hotkey like “ctrl-shift-alt-F9” and then scripting your computer to go through the list of projects, open them, Do The Thing, and then closing them, using a combination of Cubase macros and the keyboard macro software and something like Powershell. It will probably take a bit of fiddling to get to work, but CAN be done.


Yes, I did. Back up project stores only the date, which are in use in the project. So you minimize the size to its minimum without losing any data. That’s it.