Arco playback - again 1.2

A had an older post about this, thought I solved it but I don’t think I did…
After updating to 1.2:
In play mode - Playing Techniques: As soon as I’ve written a pizzicato, all notes after will get pizzicato as well to the end of the flow. Dorico doesn’t read arco and change back…
Anyone with a solution to this?
A reboot didn’t solve this anymore.

I noted that if I write another technique, as for instance “col legno battuto” Dorico will go back to natural technique again. Weird…?

I also know that. It was also included in the 1.1.
I have introduced as a makeshift the second violin which plays only the parts with pizzicato.

How many threads did you open for that one issue???

Hah, just one other… Thanks for the reply. But you’re right, didn’t need to open a new thread. Thought I’d get a bigger chance to solve this. So…, can I shut one thread down? This one for instance. Can’t find a way to do it.
BTW: Thanks for the advise, “nat.” did the work for me. However “arco” is more used for this issue. But I can live with that for the moment.