arco + staccato + sfz = pizz???

Strange phenomenon… In the score I put “arco” to a Kontrabass,

in the playing technique line in play mode appears
“pizz”, exactly : 3 x pizz, seems the following p also makes a pizz, and in between (to be sure, to be sure) the third pizz.
The playbay obeys and pizzes like hell and does not stop to pizzing for the rest of the score.
Happy pizzing all the time… But I said “arco”, loud and clear.
Generally, "arco"s are consequently ignored. Where I put “arco” in the Violoncelo, nothing in the playing technique line.
Fore bars further, a pizzicato in the playing technique line, were I find only start of a staccato sequence in the score.

With the bass: When I remove the staccato dots, i dont get the pizzes, but arco is still ignored, and the keyswitch to normal is not played.

The Expression Map should be ok, it does, what it gets from the playing technique line -
I was wondering: The playing technique line reflects the score, not, what the expressin map makes out of it?
In this case, the Experssion map can not be the guilty bit, whatsoever…

This started today, same score, same setup, without change … ran normally with played "arco"s yesterday.
Still, the phenomenon of ignored "arco"s ist not complete new to me.
A bit shaky, Dorico?

Try nat. (for natural) instead of arco, I think this bug has been quite heavily covered in the forum and the bug will soon disappear…