Ardruino DIY MIDI controller for Cubase

OK…so I have this dream of making a custom MIDI controller, right… and setting it up as a perfect mirror of the Cubase Channel Editor. With selectors for bypassing or calling plugins…a set up rotary encoders for EQ, of course, and for Activating and adjusting level of sends. Couple it with a 10" monitor and you have the track- control stage of a Nuage, only much better.

It is incredible in my mind… and I am almost there, proof-of-concept wise…except I cannot figure out how to control the following pre-stage elements with the Generic Remote Controls:

High Cut
Low Cut
and the pre-amp i/o

I read some old threads that seem to have it as not possible, directly…
But Is it? Does anyone have a trick?

I ~can~ add it the first 3 to the Quick Controls…though I don’t love the idea of burning QC slots for this.

Is this a terrible idea in general?

mod edit:
check out the finished product:

Hope you don’t mind, Cameron…

Not available in the gr, so not possible, unless you use exteral programs like bome miditranslator and autohotkey to crate your own workaround.

But it takes a lot of effort and research to get this running. Not worth it imho, just use quickcontrols or mouse…

some of the features you mentioned are available by mackie control, but then they are hidden in layers… (for example first you have to make your “single rotary” control the “pre” section by sending and holding a note and then another delayed note, then you have to send a note to toggle between all parameters)… so with this solution it’s also imposible to create simple separate controlles for each parameter.

It’s a good idea, but perhaps one you don’t need to worry about now. :slight_smile:

Suggestion. Put some info in your signature re: equipment in use, etc. and it will help us answer questions.

I was able to create a Generic Remote Bank to operate some EQ functions, but I never use it. I use Q-Link more so that I can set levels for cuts on multiple channels at once.

If working the EQ on a single track, I set frequency levels by keyboard (often by Note Name, G4, G2, E3), same for other values. Track presets save a lot of time.

GR is great for some things and i wish I had a better hardware setup, but, for me, keyboard and presets are more what I do.

Don’t beat your head against the wall about it, imho.

I did manage to create a similar remote using a bcr2000 I must say it works very well
But same as you could not get the filters to work, I was told on this forum not available, also I have to use two controllers to move left and right in the mixer a bit of a pain but I got used to it
All in all I don’t know why this setup is not more popular, so much easier and much less mouse clicks
Carry on

Ha ha, steven- my equipment IS in my sig!
And dadking… I have an arturia Beatstep doing it now… but I always have to glance down, since the knobs don’t physically match what is on the screen, you know? So I wanna try a custom build. But if I’m gonna, I should try and be comprehensive, right?

jb- im intrigued. If the Mackie control can do it… that is control TRIM GAIN … it must be sending some MIDI signal, right? AND…there is nothing stopping me from assigning my custom controller as a Mackie Control, instead of a generic remote, right? THEN I’d just have to figure out what those custom signals are.

In any event… I can always use Quick Controls… so it is ALL possible. I just want it more elegant

Can anyone with a real mackie control confirm this? that the PRE section can be controlled? My Qcon uses the MCU protocol… but I can’t find that particular control.

Steiny- is there comprehensive docs on the various non-generic remote controls? If so can I peek? (ha ha yeah right)

Ha. The HUI docs are everywhere. I bet I can find something.

Somehow I missed the signature line. :wink: It sounds you’re getting some good results.

look at my previous post, I tried to explain the mcu protocol is problematic when used as a DEDICATED " selected channel controller, since you will always have a limited number of rotarys per channel for ALL tasks, spread over different “pages”. so you will always have to select the parameter (navigating trough these pages) you want to control first, including on/off buttons for filters etc. This is cumbersome, takes to much time in real life…

jb- I feel what you are saying… but It’s just my kind of riddle! If I knew what the series of messages WAS… I bet I could figure out how to map it to a single dedicated rotary encoder. Or maybe not!
THAT SAID- I don’t think the MCU can do it, anyway. I looked though as much of the MCU reverse-engineering as I could… and I don’t find functionality for Pre-Gain, HC/LC and Phase anywhere. Can you control them with the Jurmix?
My QCON can’t do it, as far as I can tell, using the MCU protocol.

BUT- Gain, HC and LC can get QuickControlled… So I imagine I will just put 3 encoders there and label them as such. Phase invert I think is not possible. But not really necessary. So I’m with you, I will probably need to use the Generic Remote. I really just want an EQ section anyway- but I figured if I am custom fabricating, I might as well get ALL THE FUNCTIONS!

Maybe this Mackie Control MIDI Map will be useful:

I love that map!
Correct me if I am wrong though… I don’t find any control of the pre-stage there. No Channel input Gain, High Cut, Low Cut of Phase, right?

Cuz those are the ONLY functions I can’t get to with the generic remote.

You are right, MCU can not do it. Or any other stuff that steinberg has added to the mixer functions the last 10 years or so. It is supposed to be supported, but it is not it is in legacy mode and so are all hardware controllers that I know about. Their SDK is not either supporting newer functions so Nekter is not a solutions. Maybe Nuage is useful, but it will probably be cheaper to switch to protools and buy a nice hardware controller from avid. (Some people use avid controllers for cubase, but that is not a long term solution either since avid does not update drivers. There is for windows 10, but not newer macs.) Sad, but cubase is falling apart…

I don’t know if Im THAT pessimistic!

I mean… my controller is gonna cost, like, $25. I don’t think buying Protools and an Avid controller is cheaper than that.
AND- i didnt even like my Artist Mix. I sold it.

Nope- the proper long term solution, as always, is to rely on my own problem solving skills and creativity!

Well… maybe $45 :wink:

It does not matter what budget you have if Steinberg/Yamaha wont let it happen.


Almost ready to go on the road! :wink:

Im pondering knobs now. A LOT.

This has been a issue for long time now. It can not be done. See the feature request forum. Make your opinion heard there!

Please. Steiny doesn’t listen to English-Speakers.

Ill settle for QCs.