Are aliases available in Key Commands/Macros?

Just wanted to make sure that Aliases aren’t available in Key Commands and for Macros in 8.5 - IMO they should be - before creating a Feature Request. I’d like to set my Command+D to always create an alias instead of a Duplicate and it doesn’t look doable.

I’ve searched for “Alias” “Copy” and “Duplicate” and didn’t see anything but perhaps it’s under some other name…? That would be weird but hey…

Can anyone confirm/deny/testify/etc?



Do you mean shared copies? This is the name, but unfortunately even this is not in the KeyCommands list.

Ah yes, shared copies. A rose by any other name, etc…

Thanks for confirming, and too bad it’s not in there. My entire workflow is based on shared copies.

When you duplicate a Part that is already a Shared Copy those duplicates will also be shared copies. So once you alt+shft+drag to create an initial Shared Copy you can use ctrl+D from then on to create all the additional Shared Copies you want.

If you create a template with your go-to Instrument Tracks and put some empty MIDI Parts on them that are Shared Copies then you could start a project with those and just use ctrl+D to make copies.

That’s a good suggestion, thanks!

Mostly I’m using audio parts tho, so I’ll have to hold out for an update on that part.

You can shared dublicate an event by selecting it and pressing Control+K (Repeat).
Once you check the shared copy box it will always be checked.
Then you can always just press Control+K and then Enter, Control+K and then Enter, Control+K and then Enter…


Interesting, Jan - thanks for that!

Is there a way to reduce that to a Macro so it can fit in a single keystroke? I’ve got the Key Commands window open in front of me and it doesn’t seem possible to add Enter/Return, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

As far as I know, no :frowning: , this is not possible. Unfortunatly there is no “Enter/Return Key/Ok/Confirm” command to add to the macro. So you unfortunatly realy have to press enter twice to confirm the repeat dialogue after you presse Control+K.


That seems like a Key Command (Enter etc.) that could really expand the range of what is possible in Macros.

I agree.


Should I add this under Feature Requests, Jan?

Yes, please if you whish. :smiley:


Done - thanks!

plus 1+