Are all my factory sounds there?

I believe I may have a mess on my hands regarding my Halion 5 content. On my current workstation, within the last few months I’ve been moving (upgrading) through the Steinberg library of applications. I started is LE6, Elements and then finally Cubase 7. Through this I had Sonic SE, but I had also demoed Halion 4 and Halion 5. This weekend I purchased a retail copy of Halion 4 and upon activation was upgraded to Halion 5. I downloaded the “downloadable” Halion 5 upgrade and installed it.

My question is, how do I know if I have all the factory content installed? I have a few presets that cannot load. Is there some sort of sanity check that can be executed to validate that all content is installed?

Is there a way to get the full media set for Halion 5, I know it is a big download, but I have a very fast connection?

Thanks for your help!


I pm’d you a link.

Thank you.