Are all VSTs available for Cubasis, and what is the equivalent format?

Hi, I’m a Cubase 11 (for PC) user and I’m thinking about getting an iPad and trying Cubasis since it’s a nice more compact and portable option. I use a lot of great VSTs in Cubase, so I’m wondering are most VSTs available for Cubasis also, and what is the equivalent format for Cubasis? Thanks.

I suggest you Google “Apple App Store” and the name of the plug-in in question. You can also consult The Ultimate List of Audio Units. This site has a large selection of plug-ins with technical details and reviews.

On the IOS platform, plug-ins are in “AUv3” format and are available from some, but not many of the publishers of VST’s and effects on other platforms. There are a plethora of excellent softsynths available on IOS, perhaps a broader variety than mixing plug-ins, at this time.

Some of the publishers support the IOS platform better than others do. For example, I have found FabFilter, DDMF and Toneboosters plug-ins to be particularly well ported to IOS. Their UIs have been optimized for a touch screen. Conversely, the Waves plug-ins that you can purchase in the Cubasis store work well, but have a UI that is harder to navigate on the iPad.

I have found the FabFilter, DDMF and Toneboosters plug-ins to be truly excellent on IOS.

When looking at any IOS plug-in, I suggest you look at reviews, how long the developer has supported the product and how often there have been version updates. These reveal the degree of commitment on the part of the developer.

Once again, you can’t go wrong with FabFilter, DDMF and Toneboosters as they are clearly very committed to IOS.


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Cubasis fully supports Audiobus 3, Inter-App Audio and Audio Unit, to connect supported instruments and effects apps with Cubasis.

Here, Audio Unit seems to provide the most flexible options, and you will find a wide range of excellent 3rd party apps on the App Store.

Hope this, and @dovjgoldman search tipps are of help for you!

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